BW Stein und Fassadenrestaurierung Ges.m.b.H.

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We allow to announce to operate within the following range as a restoration operation.

1. Maintenance, reconstruction and restoration of architectural
    monuments especially those that are protected.
2. Restoration of stone (limestone, sandstone, granite, marble),
    such as portals, attics, groups of figures, window and door frames, coats of arms,
    balustrades and all types of columns.
3. Renovation and reconstruction of damaged areas of stucco.
4. Perform any kind of gilt inside and outside.
5. Perform all kinds of models and various components of artificial stone.
6. Cleaning all types of stone elements and facades by JOS method and steam.
7. Restoration of glazes.
8. Restoration of the various elements of the facades.Implementation of new
    decorative elements and sculptures.

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